Mexican government matching fund 3 x 1 Program with Federacion Zacatecas inspires other countries

Participants of the Peer to Peer Learning in Indonesia were inspired by the success of the 3×1 program in Mexico and were interested in replicating the 3×1 Program of Federacion Zacatecas.  A Global Field School is being organized in Zacatecas Mexico for June 2020 by the Global Academy on Migration and Development. The interested countries to participate in the Global Field School in Mexico are migration stakeholders from the Philippines, Nepal and Indonesia.

The 3X1 Program, originates in the state of Zacatecas and is powered by zacatecanos who had the need to emigrate to the United States in search of work and better living conditions. Zacatecanos share largely their savings and their work, by promoting and supporting various projects for the development of the conditions of their hometowns. 3 x 1 is encouraging the participation of the three levels of government: Federal, State and Municipal. For every dollar donated by the migrants, it is matched by the three levels of the government so that community receives 4 dollars.  

Federacion Zacatecana AC also known by its acronym as FEDZAC is a civil non-profit organization, legally established in Mexico. FEDZAC was legally constituted on August 19, 2009 is governed by a Board of Directors composed of six members of the Council members permanently residing in Los Angeles, California, five members of the Board members who permanently reside in the state of Zacatecas. The members of the Board are prominent members of the Zacatecas migrant community in the United States and leading agribusiness investment projects and services program supported by the 3×1 and 2×1.

To date the 3 x 1 program of Mexico was able to generate USD $ 195 M and has funded 5,500 projects since it started the program in 1999. 

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