This is a three – four-day seminar and study mission that discusses the link between migration and      development and showcases the different good practices of migration stakeholders of national and regional government agencies, local government units, NGOs and private sector. The global field schools on Mobilizing Migrant Resources for Development will be in Mexico, Rwanda and Philippines.

Seminar Objectives

     At the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss about the Global Compact on Migration and also their national and local migration policies related to diaspora engagement towards development;
  2. Share about the positive and negative impact of migration in the country visited  and in their own context;
  3. Share about the various ways to harness the potential of migration;

Target Participants

The seminar is designed for the following participants:

  1. Provincial, city and municipal government officials
  2. Heads or key personnel of various agencies, departments and offices of provincial, city and municipal governments
  3. Members of Migration and Development Councils/Committees
  4. Heads and personnel of Migration Resource Centers
  5. Focal persons of Local Government Units on Migration and Development
  6. Officers of associations of migrants, families of migrants and organizations of migrant returnees
  7. Interested representatives of agencies and institutions in the academe, NGO, church, and business communities
1. Understanding Migration and Development Policies (SDG, GCM, national and local policies)1. SDG and Migration and Development
2. Global Compact on Migration
3. National Policies on Migration
4. Local Policies on Migration
5. Gaps in Policies and Recommendation
2. Migration and Development 101 – Nexus Between Migration and development 1.Understanding and Characterizing Migrants

– Definition of Concepts on International Migration
– History and Features of Migration compared to your country
– Composition and Characteristics of the Diaspora
2. Harnessing the Development Potential of International Migration

– Appreciating the Duality of Migration
– Strategies in Harnessing Migration for Development
3. Mobilizing Migrant Resources towards Local Economic Development1. Requisites in Mobilizing Migrant Resources

– Understanding characteristics and needs of migrants and their families
– Identifying opportunities and challenges in investing and engaging in business
2. Strategies in Mobilizing Migrant Resources

– Financial education
– Organizing of migrants and families
– Migration corridor approach
– Multi-stakeholder partnership
– Access to savings, investment and business opportunities
3. Pathways in Mobilizing Migrant Resources

– Savings and Investment Schemes of Large Cooperatives
– Joint Venture of Migrant Investors with Agriculture Entrepreneurs and Corporations
– Social Enterprises and Cooperatives Owned by Migrants and Families
– Individual Enterprises
4. Learning Integration adapt/replicate/improve best practices1. Gaps and Opportunities in Implementing Migration and Development
2. Best Practice that can be adopted/ replicated
3. Areas of Partnership and Planning for Capacity building