Coming Home – Innovations and Impact of a Gender Responsive Reintegration Program on Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers and Families

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Diaspora and Migrant Investment and National Development – Building on the Nexus

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A Manual in Mobilizing Migrant Resources Towards Agriculture Development in the Philippines

This manual discusses the strategy, lessons learned and recommendations of Atikha in scaling up initiatives in mobilizing migrant resources towards agriculture development in the country. The manual features Atikha’s experiences in mobilizing investments of overseas Filipinos in Italy, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The manual discusses the following main topics: Atikha’s Strategy in Mobilizing Migrant Resources for Agriculture Development; Pathways in Mobilizing Migrant Resources; and Mainstreaming and Evaluating Activities and Programs in Mobilizing Migrant Resources.

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Mainstreaming Migration and Development in Local Governance: Roadmap for Local Governments and Experiences from Region 4A-CALABARZON

The book published by the Regional Development Council of CALABARZON showcases the experiences of the provinces of Region IV-A in implementing migration and development (M&D) programs. It discusses the roadmap in mainstreaming M&D in local governance. The roadmap has five pillars, Leadership, Financing, Human Resources, Data and Communication and Service Delivery. The book also highlights the lessons learned and articulates policy recommendations in mainstreaming M&D in local governance.

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One Stop Resource Center for Youth and Migrants: Establishment and Operations Manual

The manual is a user-friendly guide in establishing and operating a One Stop Resource Center (OSRC) for migrants and the youth. It discusses the structure and functions of the OSRC. It outlines the processes and provides the tools needed towards the Center’s efficient and effective delivery of its services.

The manual is useful for provinces, cities, and municipalities that are interested in setting-up their youth and migrants’ center and those who have already established their own OSRCs. The guidelines discussed in the manual were drawn from International Organization for Migration and Atikha’s experiences in setting up OSRCs in some provinces in the Philippines.

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Children’s Response to the Challenge of Migration: Trainors’ Training Manual on Migration Realities and Capacity Building for Children of Overseas Filipinos

The book contains two manuals designed for teachers who implement school-based program for children of migrants. . The manuals guide teachers to help children understand migration realities and cope with their separation with their migrant parents. The manuals employ games and other creative teaching methodologies in imparting information, values and skills to the children of OFWs.

The Trainors’ Training Manual on Migration Realities deals with the following: Life and Work Conditions of Migrants; Positive and Negative Effects of Migration; Instilling Savings Consciousness and Disavowing Consumerism; and Importance of Education and Goal Setting.

The Training of Trainers Manual on Capacity Building for Children of Overseas Filipinos tackles the following: Leadership Skills Training for Children of OFWs; Peer Counseling; Gender Sensitivity and Feminization of Migration; and Young Entrepreneurship.


Financial Education Course for ASEAN Migrant Workers: Guide for Trainers

The book guides trainers, facilitators, and moderators in conducting a financial education course. The course was designed for migrants from the ASEAN region working in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other destination countries. The course targets low-skilled and semi-skilled migrant workers as its participants.

The financial education course is designed to be conducted for 8 -20 hours. The course objectives, time allotment, materials, and steps for conducting the various modules are specified. The key points for the different topics are highlighted and the specific instructions to the facilitators are provided. The guide was a product of the program of International Labor Organization and Atikha in conducting Financial Education Course among ASEAN migrants.

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