BASUG spearheading migration and development initiatives in Bangladesh

‘Together we can make this world a better place to live’– with this strong belief and firm conviction BASUG, the Netherlands and Germany-based Diaspora organization started its journey in 2005. BASUG ( is one of the most active Diaspora organizations in Europe with Special Consultative Status of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nation. Apart from the Netherlands, BASUG is also registered in Germany and Bangladesh.

BASUG - Diaspora and DevelopmentBeing an active Diaspora organization and with clear objectives and motivation in mind, BASUG has today come across a long way with considerable experience during the last fourteen years. BASUG gained such experiences by engaging its efforts in the fields, inter alia, of migration and development, remittances, gender, health & education, climate change and human rights. During this period, BASUG has been successful in widening its network at national, European and international levels. The organization has been able to consolidate its position and strong presence in the field of migration and development globally. BASUG is one of the important actors at the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) since 2007 and a member of the International Steering Committee of GFMD CSDs. This, we firmly believe, has been possible largely due to our active and constructive engagement with different stakeholders, both the government and the private sector actors across the globe.

Although primarily focused on Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Diaspora in the Netherlands and U.K, it has increasingly reached out to Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Nepali Diasporas in a number of European countries and the countries of origin. thanks to the Joint Initiative on Migration and Development (JMDI) of EC-UN when it awarded the organization with a 18-month project on Remittances for the Sri Lankan community in the above four European countries and for their family members in Sri Lanka in 2009. We have good reasons to take pride in the fact that one of our projects in Bangladesh on ‘Women Entrepreneurship’ was nominated by EC-UN as one of the Best Practices, which was showcased at the first Knowledge Fair at European Commission in Brussels in 2009. This also displays the trust bestowed on our leadership by the UN body. BASUG has worked together with organizations such as IFAD, Oxfam Novib, GIZ-CIM, INAFI, SEEDS Sri Lanka, SOLVE Nepal, The Network University of Amsterdam etc.

The strategy of BASUG is to work in partnership with dedicated and credible organizations, platforms and individuals to further its stated goals. Forging effective partnership with organizations with capacity, commitment and expertise is its key strength, as this does not only strengthen the organization, but enable to achieve the set objectives. We believe that partnership is crucial for a Diaspora organization working for, with, within and beyond the community. BASUG is an organization that blends best of both cultures- East and West. This is reflected in its every sphere, in its management style and practices.

We have come across a long way and successfully. Yet there is no reason to be self-complacent. We have to go a long way. The days ahead are difficult with many challenges. But we believe that with our dedication and commitment and with support from our well-wishers, donors, members, volunteers  we can reach our goal- ‘Together we can make this world a better place to live’. We don’t say, ‘we are the best’ but we do say, ‘we do our best’.

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